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In times, I’ve might be wondering what should I do next after encountering a problem. The more I step into, the more tangled I’ve become. Usually, a problem will resolved by itself, nature has its way to resolve a problem, and remarkably the result will be in our liking. This is my belief for long ago and still now.

But, sometimes a problem just won’t dissipate that easily. Ignoring the problem all at once when it is extraordinary would only substantiate the problem. First thing that will alert you that a problem is actually larger than what it seems is when the problem keeps demanding you. After I realize this, I start to shutting off all the entry point of the problem. When the problem is still a nuisance, then I know its probably not on me alone. I could say, well maybe the world is the problem, so just follow the world then. As an entity of the world I am part of the problem, the option to take larger part as problem or solution remains in the individual. We are all have our way to interact on the larger system. Right? Particularly right, but sometimes we destine to have a larger portion of the problem, or should I say consequences. When I learn that the consequences start to not making any sense and I realize someone out there too have the same consequences and that no one can be relied on, the need to counteract with the problem emerges.

Naturally, we are driven to solve a problem when we are aware of its consequences. For most of the people, this should be the case. To solve means to understand the problem at hands. Failing to understand the real matter behind the problem will only leads into more subsequent problems. Face it, our ignorance will be manipulated by others and the last thing we know we actually unplugged the life support that our ancestors have build upon us.

So, now let’s take a look what cats do initially to solve a problem:

Strength: It’s not all about physical or any materialize thing. Things which are intangible can be characterized as strength.

Weakness: I think strength can turn out to be our weakness since we can be lulled by its capabilities.

Awareness: Senses and perceptions play major role to identifies awareness. Keep in alert!

Threat: Small threat will only leads to small problem, big threat leads to big problem. Do not overlook a threat.

But, sometimes the problem is larger than what we can comprehend and sometimes the consequences are still adhering. So, let’s just do the right thing in our proportion, fixing things that is within our reach, and let God do the rest. We are all in fact only human.

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I think cat can not make an “R” sound, dog can, but I have never found a cat that makes a sound contains “R”. But in the Caption I found a lot of hoominz doesn’t realize this, and put words containing “R”. Anyway, I think these are the expression of cats when they have to say these “R” words:

Rationale, Refusing, Religion, Rejecting, Rule

Reason, Refute, Rock, Rejected, Run

Result, Revenge, Rateable

Well, what about “Relieve”, like no bag in the back anymore.

Looks like a cat owe me something ……  “Ready”?

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After horror movie

Cats are actually able to capture images from the screen, they are able to concentrate on the images and act based on what they perceive. These are their expression after watching a horror movie:

OMG! I have met those zombies before… they said “Trick or treat!”

The scary ending just wakes the cat of more possible ways to end his evil plan.

The cat chilled as it watched the car goes to the point where all the beasts have waited them.

This movie is more scary than the last week movie “The end of cats domination on dogs.”

What makes scary movie so scary is that it could emerge as the real thing.

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Goodnight Cat

I want to talk a bit about sleep since it is crucial to maintain a good health. After a whole day of activities, our body and mind need some resting. The time to take a nap is usually work in cycling so it can be trained. I find it harder to sleep whenever I’m overly worked. Perhaps the body needs some adjustments since shutting down needs more efforts in the background, you know like a computer with so many background processes trying to close the process one by one. A little activity like reading my blog or chatting in YM might help reduce the tension and allowing the unnecessary background processes to shut off voluntarily. After your eyes seem like the next process waiting to be close, dimming the light might likely the next step to a good sleep.

One important factor for a good night sleep is also the mattress. A healthy mattress is able to support your body erectly, allowing only little curve formed. A spring bed with a maximum amount of springs is a perfect choice.

If one particular night you find it hard to fall a sleep, try to smile and remember funny things. This is why having a note to record things that can make you smile is a nice thing to do. May be reminiscing one of my funny topics in this blog could make you smile and fall a sleep.  Or not?


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Cat is just a cat

After a terrible mess there is always a scape goat to put on the blame, the problem is who choose to be the smarter here, the cat or the hoominz.

The cat must have wish that it ate more food in the fridge this morning.

Pffttt……somedays food get fast you.

Wait until the cat finds out that it would never get in to the other side.

So, Toby is the hoominz or the cat? Only the tabby cat knows.

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Cat’s Impression

The best option is not to upload anything.

The fat felines do need to think what the other people think of her thinking, whether she really thinking or she’s not thinking at all.

Protectionism is gold, tolerance is evil since mom might not know whom she dealing with.

Just wanna get connected not impressing.

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Cat Tech

Advance technology has make possible the use of cat as state of the art living components.

Although some experiments lead to unpredictable behavior, the success is almost 85% chance.

Even the green products have making use of the low energy that cat has.

The users of cat high tech products must well aware of its cautions.

Yes we can! Bail me out please.

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