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Cat’s Letter

It’s just I’m refuse to be who I’m not. It’s not a matter of ego or fear or unfairness. It’s about loosing yourself to someone or something you know it’s not meant to be. It showed in people face when they hide something or dishonest. We’ve come to know that there are many reasons for that, human has lots of aspects in their life. But when the reason is made up to give one holy conclusion, which I believe human is not holy they’re dirty as it can be, the reason doesn’t make sense at all. This actually contradict with one sense on achieving good, they think what make sense is when they’re try to achieve goodness as an absolute purpose. I never think that way. What make sense is to let everything has natural deed, has natural act coming from her/his own desire, their own being based on their perceived value (value can come from religion too, this is why religion is important in a person development). When people act as if goodness is a purpose, problem occurs as how they’re gonna achieve that and how the goodness is perceive. And so when the goodness is an absolute purpose, the way on getting there will be inferior sometimes trivial, value could be lost. In fact, a dishonest reason and using absolute words coming from wishful thinking, means you have give up the control to those wishful thinking (and everything behind those wishful thinking). You will not becoming you anymore. This is a problem since this could provide a fast way to being good without having to understand the values. And when those problem going large (since wishful thinking is somewhat difficult to achieve), you will be tempted to ignore it. And if what you ignore is somewhat larger than you (depends on what behind the wishful thinking), it will haunt you forever unless you try to deal with it. Or becoming a droid and pass your ESQ test. Then there will be more wishful thinking escalating the sin that you should commit to cover up the old problem. Then you think this is a grown up game. Well, a game isn’t played by a grown up.

Lying is a sin. You’re lying because you want to lie and make sin, not because you serve good purpose. This will create problem as you think you can expect goodness from lying. You can’t expect goodness after you’re lying. Expect responsibility for your sin, then you could have His blessed way. I know I commit sins many times but I don’t expect goodness out of it. But, you place the burden on me to create goodness out of your sin, and instead of goodness, I have to deal with the result of all of your sins combined in the name of my goodness. What standard for goodness is it in your liking that I should accomplished? Normal goodness for whom? Special people has special goodness? And so, those other people that you think is not special is not deserve my standard of goodness? What senses that I should use to comprehend such a despicable act? This can’t be dealt with love only.

Do I ever mention that the sin is coming from your failure to deal with God and His creation not from double crossing the wishful thinking? Why then do I think you keep paying your sin by fulfilling the wishful thinking? What makes matter worse is that fulfilling wishful thinking comes with a whole bunch of creativity. Which sometimes very creative and transform into a new movement. This makes it more appealing to young generation and “smart” people without them realizing that the real value has gone for “good”. Especially when the creativity is directed by unknown forces, wakes up!

I’m not doing things haphazardly because I know I’m only human that always tempted to commit a sin. If you think you’re human then you should be fear for sin. There’s a song that has a lyric that stated if I’m committing sin then that is sensible since I’m only human. This is the problem. First: Sin is tolerable since we’re only human. Second, we could fruits the sin into goodness. Third, the sin can be forgiven since God is forgiving. Wow a lot of reason to not fear to sin then? Remember FFF? You’re not fear to sin then you’re not fear to God. Period. Who else do you fear then? Has no fear to anything that against God, no matter the consequences are.

Also God is the highest, and always is. You’re not gonna get close to Him no matter what, nor does your hand resembles His hand. It is when you dealt with His mighty power and His creation then you think you’re close to Him. You respect your God by subdued to His power, praised Him and have affection to His creation.

When you try to control my environment anyway you can, then you becoming the handler of the door to my judgment day. In what sense do you think you have capabilities to have such a powerful job? The environment, those people, those animals you’re trying to manipulate to manipulate me are His creation and so am I, and so are you. Playing something here huh? How do you expect God to forgive you if you couldn’t respect Him? It’s in the power of God that He creates man with the ability to feel, think and learn. It’s in the power of God that He creates uncertainty for His creation since He is the one with ultimate power. I refuse to subdued to any power other than Him.

I don’t think I would stop doing what I’m doing now, until you understand what makes you you as to now, which will prevent you to go mad when things are started to falling apart before your eyes and you start to wondering who’s to blame. In every situation, try not to conclude anything but connecting it.

Note: For a full 3D effect, has water sprayed under your face.

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BC && CC…Old Photos

See I’ve told you we’re distance relatives, only, the colors explain the distant.

We’ve even go to school together…

Remember that night? Yup, me neither.

Well, eventually things are going frenzy, check out C’ling&B’ment page for more…

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To infinity and beyond

I’ve found this funny picture as I googling on something. Really funny, must’ve been taken many cats to do this photographed. The picture is looping with many different stories. I can say the kitten has found the picture also intimidating having been faced with endless images of self-reflection portrait. Does this really goes to infinity?


Talking about infinity, reflections created by putting mirrors against each other can result the same phenomenon. Space is also infinite by our knowledge, looks like we couldn’t see the boundary of it. Millions and millions of lights away and keep expanding (or stretching?). What is beyond the infinite anyway if for instance we could travel thru it? Maybe this is what triggering the time travel maniacs since time is also infinite in respect of our world. Curious enough though what lies beyond the black hole. Some might say that black hole is like a gate thru other dimensions. How many are those dimensions and would black hole leads us to an infinite world? Curiosity shrinks the cat.

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Cat’s Drill

Cat has sixth sense I suppose. It might acknowledge when something about to happens. All animals do. Although I’ve never seen it myself on how this might happens. (I have once saw in tv when tsunami about to strike the land, dogs on the beach seem not having a sign at all, they’re all sit calmly.) It is possible that nature gives preliminary warning, it’s up to us to interpret it cautiously. Or, if cat does have sixth sense, we can rely to our cat ability in sensing the event. But how exactly cat will does that when it is aggrevating by the new invention:

It’s obvious that the cat won’t use the vest by himself nor does the owner has time to fix it on to his or her cat. This might prevent the cat to move flexibly. I don’t think this invention has a use at all.

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Traveling somewhere?

Travel time! Yup, Ied is coming and that means long holiday for everyone. Any idea how to deal with your cat? When your destination is not too far away, you can take your cat with you. By car for example, there is seatbelt design for cat that can suit your cat’s activities on car.

Looks like comfortable for cat, I’ve wonder if it’s safe enough for long travel time. I mean when there is accident, the seatbelt will not hold for the cat’s body if there’s an impact. Also, the poop….well, you can not tell when your cat will about to release it.

So, you decide not to travel with your cat. There’s hotel that designed for cat. Yup hotel with stars! Take a look at this one:

Hopefully, you have the budget to cover your cat’s expensive taste. But, I think your cat will appreciate decent hotel that suits its everyday needs. I’ve wonder if there’s telephone service where you can call your cat whenever you miss it. 🙂

Alright, but what about if you’re a busy person that should be on duty for holiday season? Would you take your cat to the office? This desk is design for people with just about that.

Get your wicked plan ready!

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Scary Cat’s Eye

What makes cat’s eye so scary? Cat’s eye is very sensitive to light and can reflect light so it will appear brighter in the dark. I think cat’s eye is one of the most brightest among others in the animal kingdom. Well, cat’s eye does transparent in colors and so light can goes thru it without any distraction. Wanna see some of the eyes in action?       

Any idea how to turn them off?

When the kitchen is getting closer and hoominz is what left between the roasted fish and huge appetite.

 If you have evil brother that has eyes glow in the dark, and ears as sharp as bull’s horn….

 No comment on this, very sensitive subject.

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My Header Image

A picture paints a thousand words. The header image of mine seems like quite interesting, don’t you think? They’re like cyborg cats design to obey. Looks wicked but colorfull. I like it though, the colors I mean, transparent instead of opaque. I can’t remember where do I pick the image of those beautiful army. Do they have arms? Maybe the eyes can emit beam light. And I think it will shine in the dark, finally the army of darkness comes out in colors! 101

The victim of wildest imagination: technology, and the victim of those technology? Playground.

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