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Way to CommuniCAT

Cats communicate with certain kind of sound, scent and also gesture. When cats meet friendly faces they will approach each other and scrub to each other body, only when in doubt that they smell each other noses to make sure the smells are familiar. Cats do have an excellent smelling sense. With human I think they detect more on familiar voices rather than appearances. When happy, cats purring as if there is a small turbine inside his chest. As cat detects danger, it will stop moving and observe with high alert its surroundings. And when the cat meets the opponent, then, the ritual of irritating the entire neighborhood begins. The tail is begin to expand and the body is stretching upward. The noises that they make to intimidate the opponents are so annoying especially in the night. As for attracting the opposite sex, male cat approach female cat and he sits watching the female (which sometimes get annoyed). I’m actually have an experience with female cat falling in love for the first time. She was just 6 months old, not mature enough to deal with her opposite sex. So, I locked her in the house. The male cat waiting outside, sitting on top of my car and occasionally calling her. He was an old cat and ugly (his fur is scarce and dirty). Inside the house, my cat went crazy. She moved from right to left, to one room and another and made a calling voices, until I had enough. I finally released her and when she came out, the male followed her and I haven’t seen her for couple of days.

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Long Long Holiday

Long holiday, I decided not to go anywhere. Instead I watch movies, lots of movies. Kind a like brainwashing myself of the possibilities that might come into life. Really, what kind of movies that people want to bring in to life anyway? Sure is complicated one. My cats don’t like movies, they love to sleep (and dream of movies). I should go to the beach instead, or mountains. I cannot regret more regarding my decision to go along with the movies, makes you cannot see what’s real and what’s not. Succumb into someone imagination is somehow…stupid. Anyway, movies can be directed to control the mass or even distract them, sometimes can get into your real life (Does someone really done that?). So, self-conscious is necessary. I’ll end this post by giving one of my favorite lines in “Inception” (have you watch the movie?) :

Ariadne: Your guilt defines her (poor guy), its what powers her (girl’s power). But you are not responsible for the idea (at least s.o got an idea) that destroyed her (like a bomb?) and if we’re gonna succeed in this you have to forgive yourself (self?) and you gonna have to confront her, but you don’t have to do that alone (brings cats, trees and dogs).

Cobb: No I’m not.

Ariadne: I’m doing it for the others (refer to something from third dimension?), because they have no idea the risk (who made the risks?) they’ve taken on coming down here with you (defines coming flat and up).

Nod…Nod…. Anyway, here is a cat after watching lots of movies:

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Black Cat and the Moon

Why is it the moon is always associated with black cat?

I have a plan, evil plan. Ooh look at the eyes, wicked!

Cat on a tree facing the moon is as classic as witch on a broom passing the moon.

Cat has make an eclipse.

In this anime, black cat is human and the real cat is a white cat.

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It’s a little boring to talk about cat all the time, let’s talk about something else interesting. Atlantis. What I know so far is that Atlantis is a land with the first human civilization dated around 9500BC. It has said to conquered west European and part of Africa. Atlantis is first recorded by Plato, a well known Greek philosopher. Atlantis is considered to be a myth by some researchers but some have claim it to be historical fact. The location of Atlantis as described by Plato is in front of the pillars of Hercules. Many speculations exist to pinpoint the exact location of Atlantis including Indonesia and still debatable up until now. It continues to inspired many scholars and used in Utopian literature. Its tragic fate of being swallowed by sea (many translate it to being destroyed by earthquake and tsunami) concludes the end of the once glorious civilization.

So, as you say what is the most interesting part of Atlantis, is it the glory, the tragic end or the questionable location?

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Fast Track

I’ve never ride a monorail before, I think just few cities have it. But, if I find monorail with the shape of cat I think I will try it.

Open for first ride, monorail cat is ready at the window near you. The motto: Fast as if there is a mouse.

Monorail cat working hours: Just before nap time. Other than that, dreamland.

So little time so much passengers, twice as fast to the end of journey!

Hitler cat sez:”Remember, I move fast forward to the kitchen, you move fast backward to the backdoor. We’ll meet after I’m full.”

Fasten your seat belt, final destination will be in a blink.

“Mah great grandfathers werz cief trenz stations, thiz iz why I luv to trenz people, what bout you?”

Technology has darted away! Hovercat soon be available at your cost.

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History Preserved

I want to talk a bit about the history of cat. Cat which has scientific name Felis Catus is a mammal which has been existed since ancient egypt. Domesticated cat like we found to day has been coexisted with human for at least 9500 years ago. Cited from The New York Times (2007): “Until recently the cat was commonly believed to have been domesticated in ancient Egypt, where it was a cult animal. A study that year found that the lines of descent of all house cats probably run through as few as five self-domesticating African Wildcats (Felis silvestris lybica) circa 8000 BC, in the Near East.The earliest direct evidence of cat domestication is a kitten that was buried with its owner 9,500 years ago in Cyprus.

The fact that cat is a carnivore with direct connection to a larger mammal like the lion, has suggest that it evolves to the direction that favors human habitat and provides some benefits to human. No wonder cat is the only carnivore that can actually let loose without being a threat, cat exterminate human enemy: rodent and having no intention to make human their enemy. (Compare this to dog which sometimes chasing human as food replacement.) This mutual relationship and obedience have lasted for centuries.

In the city where I live in, cats are free wandering around and they’re scavenging human’s food (OK, they’re too sometimes steal the food) and occasionally chasing around rodents. When I’m a little, there are actually more cats than today. Which then I consider it to be strange since now there are more people in the city which means can provides more food to cats. Cat itself is pretty smart to not annoyed their master. I can’t provide a good explanation of why this mutual relationship is somehow started to cripple and more and more cats are diminishing except that human is starting to think they could live without cats and perhaps taken advantage from cat out of its natural benefit (like selling for their skin and fur). Through out the time cat has been friend to our habitat, this is preserved through out history. But I can see extinction is start to knock on the door and I don’t think cat is the one to blame here. Long ago cat evolves so it can easily adopt to human environment, but it is unlikely that history repeated by itself since impossible for cat to follow the fast changing environment that human has caused. So, please have some care to the cats in your surrounding, they need us as much as we need them.

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