Way to CommuniCAT

16 Sep

Cats communicate with certain kind of sound, scent and also gesture. When cats meet friendly faces they will approach each other and scrub to each other body, only when in doubt that they smell each other noses to make sure the smells are familiar. Cats do have an excellent smelling sense. With human I think they detect more on familiar voices rather than appearances. When happy, cats purring as if there is a small turbine inside his chest. As cat detects danger, it will stop moving and observe with high alert its surroundings. And when the cat meets the opponent, then, the ritual of irritating the entire neighborhood begins. The tail is begin to expand and the body is stretching upward. The noises that they make to intimidate the opponents are so annoying especially in the night. As for attracting the opposite sex, male cat approach female cat and he sits watching the female (which sometimes get annoyed). I’m actually have an experience with female cat falling in love for the first time. She was just 6 months old, not mature enough to deal with her opposite sex. So, I locked her in the house. The male cat waiting outside, sitting on top of my car and occasionally calling her. He was an old cat and ugly (his fur is scarce and dirty). Inside the house, my cat went crazy. She moved from right to left, to one room and another and made a calling voices, until I had enough. I finally released her and when she came out, the male followed her and I haven’t seen her for couple of days.

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