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Cat’s Ad

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Kitteh again?

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This is why cat shouldn’t have to obey the hoomanz.

Ever since the curse has been casted, Fogi forgot how to sit like a cat.

Report Captain, the pirate dog has reach barking point, should we proceed plan# 10220 on site# 118?

Dumbo cat will change your perception of aerophobia, and yes he even can make you spell it correctly.

Transformer drama-to-horror kitteh needs no high tech to function.

Kitty Bunny thinks the ears are the reason why real bunny doesn’t sound much. She can’t hear anything from these ears.

Your sophisticated technique amazed me but still you neglect the function of a raincoat.

I’m watching the bee watching me, he must be thinking the mutant is for real.

Automatic synchronized legs are kaputt. Using manual override with zero tolerant.

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The Case Behind the Door

A case of asking favors.

A case of misinterpretation.

A case of politeness.

A case of abandonment.

A case of discovery.

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Cornered? Here is something to encourage you…

The cats planned an escape have found that there is a secret passage in the chamber of secretion.

Are we out yet? Oh, we’re in submarine next to the drowning pool.

We are not alone, we have companies. Can we work things out?

Run guys, like there is no yesterday of nom-nom and cuddles and hot dog.

The last journey, wait, no one says we need to jump. I don’t brought my halo and wings.

Blurp, what next time?

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Cat Knows…

Even a cat knows the sandwich doesn’t worth a life.

And a cat knows when the water is dried, the dog will chase after.

A cat also knows the difference between combats and preys. The later is for looser.

A cat do knows only fools don’t know what is it in their own backyard.

And we all do know the displayed funny dolls can put their best appearance and cat walking and still won’t change anything. Oh, but something changing…their loosing integrity and their mounting failure they temporarily left behind.

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Move Da Catz

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