Lost Cat

13 Dec

People say that when we lost something or someone, we’ll find a better one. That sounds very optimistic to me since not always that will be the case. Not only we have no capability to predict the future but also things are unique by nature. In this industrialized world uniqueness sometimes manufactured. Replication is an act to accommodate the easiness to replace something or should I say to lessen the pain of loosing. So, even when they say it is unique there could always be a new one. To what extend people willing to fabricate this uniqueness depends on each person easiness to share the perception of life. The more he/she share the same perception to any stranger human being the more broaden he/she willing to except anythings in common. The more things are less valuable. This is why replication is always be connected with easiness.

Even sometimes people manufactured their experiences just like in an amusement park where you can experience a roller coaster over and over again. Or when you experiencing a packaged travel tour, anyone can experience it right? Anyone who is offered and saying yes. Shouldn’t there be something special? Shouldn’t you value it instead rather than degrading it?
Experiencing is not the same as practicing, although both alter the condition on each repetition, practicing has less unpredictable consequences. Experience that is in my opinion is more personal and so could alter someone life unprecedentedly. Be careful to not interfere with someone experiences or even overtake someone experiences. I think this is the case when you couldn’t say “make it simple”. I think we all should learn about consequences along the way before saying yes to something, especially something that is being fabricated cause nature will find its unique way to score the game.

Well, things are often irreplaceable, if not then any value is always be meaningless. Which then can make you think twice to lost it again. This is why there should always be a room for uniqueness. But how can you provide uniqueness when there is no freedom to defined it? How much more you willing to lose?

Losing is not winning.

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