After So Long…

31 Mar

One lil’ minion has been fooled, two lil’ minion has been fooled, three lil’…. (after so long) one million and three lil’ minion has been fooled and still counting… to infinity. The idea to binding me as the base of the bridge against my will is so absurd.

After so long, i been voluntarily holding hand in hand to form a bridge and according to my theorm this will prove my ignorance that no one will be safe…no one. But, i still follow the white noise as that is the only guidance i have.

BRB…after crossin the bridge with my princess, the bridge will turn into evil spirits and collapse into a deep abyss. After so long, the other end is so near…
Crossin bridge to holy grail, BRB!
Reporting LIVE: A bridge is falling, the sky is falling, after so long, monorail cat has become an innocent victim of criminal act of many irresponsible kitth. Even before anyone pass the bridge, it already turn into evil spirits with ‘this’, ‘like this’ and ‘like that’.

Basement Cat has transform so many lost kitth and now with the full power of evil of the lost spirits, after so long, he rise.
Basement Cat  Time To Rise

Your only options: BC rise or the truth rise.

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