Something Fishy in Parody (Cat Like)

28 Jun

It’s not my usual posting, but I think there must be some deep meaning on these clips, at least, cat like it:

It’s just kid’s play. His face is as jerk as when he was a kid. Dudu Pie, LOL…

Sweet girl, bad boys…the story keeps repeating at all cost! How did Kanye find Katy anyway . Kanye not in her album, but what album? Oooo . BTW, someone needs to stop people going into the sun to get burn, for a house! Poor Katy, has to ride on a rocket with Kanye, she looks like unhappy all of a sudden .

And what’s up with the Key of Awesome#5! Ooh, now I know…

Angry birds, cat like them but Adele hates them. OK, Adele wears black dress and playing angry birds and destroying the blocks. She needs three stars, 99 cents apple juice destroying her life and she produces one golden egg. Harassment, something personal (who the pig guy having new two eggs? Oooo). In the end, everyone changes into angry bird and playing angry birds, wonder why… Anyway, Adele needs one decent angry bird, she has one egg and can’t be in the game you play now  .

Tragic… Angie tatoo is on all over his body. Why asking her only when she’s pooing, gosh, elle must’ve been a really good girl with all that he did, delicious shoe though. Robot, futuristic ape… girls enemy indeed, but the ape looks cute though. Pill, bill? but… what baby? What a romantic and more realistic scene . Define tango, target, book club friends, ticket to dave matthew…and sure that is not a one happy guy! But suddenly, 15 grenades . I wonder, who is still carrying the keyboard though. Going to the bathroom tangled with tapes? Not a good choice for elle, surely.

Key of Awesome#40. What happen in 2004, the graph is declining? Ah, that night, and in 2006, Katy right? Steady but never straight . I still can’t figure it out, who is the other guy that the graph is off the chart? So busted! He’s the one that has something to do with Mula girl I believe, Mula is sweet don’t you think? But why he’s the one getting the wallet, well, I don’t think Mula ever want to accept him anyway, but I think her road is being blocked and that’s her only problem.

The ghost girl seems confused .  Just don’t go over the rainbow would you, I’ll be sad if you do .

I don’t think I could get jealous to a kid, but I guess I do… And now there’s only Lady Gaga (no L).

People use kids sometime as their protective shield, but when would they realize good things can’t reach beyond the innocence but bad things can. Sadly, they’re already being victimized, many times. Regarding Adele, I think I would be just like her if I say yes from the very beginning with those past apes and robots.

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