This is the story of Ceiling cat & Basement cat. All improvements are subject to failure without notice. (English subbed & doubted).

In the beginning, basement cat and ceiling cat were bff.

According to a (in)credible source, the transformation of once a good-old-home cat into a basement cat happened over a complicated attempt to change the voltage of an AC circuit using relationship between magnetism and electricity. The relationship was proven to be fraud resulting in series of untuned coupling. Well, I think that’s all about it since I could go on into the third sequel due 2011.

The reason of transformation was yet unknown, but rumor said he wanted to find a way to release a hostage. Well, this is quite noble don’t you think? But during transformation, his inner side has been defeated by the previous basement cat, the water blender.

In the battle against ceiling cat, basement cat could be defeated resulting him being banished to hell.

After years passed by, one day Snuggles came down to the basement and found himself under the spell. He has becoming the puppet of basement cat.

The key has been unlocked by Snuggles in an attempt to summon on the Basement cat, the offering

and the spiritual dance have been accepted:

And so arouse the Basement cat from the chamber of hell. After becoming prisoner for so long, he was now in the focus. With all the mass of darkness acknowledged of he is being freed, the voices of evil appears in the surface:

Years have been passed since the rising of basement cat.

Ceiling cat sees increased activity of the basement cat and his minions in the social networks, the last time checked was in 2007 with zero result. An alert has been broadcast and research personnel has been on duty. The basement cat was last heard in 2004 and reappeared in 2010 soon after a research personnel is on the hunt.

The fact that one profile name can has many look-a-like figures only suggest they’re trying to build army of darkness and increase of flexibility. Just tell me witch one is witch here:

The female minions are dwarf mistresses and male minions are respectful team mates. The research personnel found another fact of basement cat and his mistress:

which will be the reason for his changing appearance:

Most importantly, he creates his artificial life on his behalf. There are even many different versions of his life in the street. About him being a thieve, a liar, a perpetrator, a mob, a racist, an irresponsible head of the family, a misogynist and even a terrorist.

If those are artificial then this means his family isn’t his and his house isn’t his. So what are all the fuss about? Why would he lies, why stealing the money, why are all irresponsibility, why all these authorities and  why are all these coincidences and occurences?

Yeah right…like there are no other way to do it. Is he in an undercover mission? Ceiling cat then asks one of his men to check his activities.

What he found is so surprising and shocking.  He sees basement cat being in prison with a hostage. Wait, is this hostage is the one that he wanted to released before his transformation? Seeing the spy dog, basement cat then says:

The hostage then says “I shall not afraid with the beast in you.” The spy dog returns to ceiling cat. Ceiling cat then instructs his best cat to interview the basement cat and releases him with his magical key, otherwise he can not fight with him. The cat entrusted with the job needs to be an apostate so basement cat minions can’t smell his presence.

First step: open the cage and release the basement cat,

Subdued by the holy water, the apostate cat get some intriguing story from the interview with the basement cat. Here is the transcript:

A: Who is the hostage?

BC: She’s a witch.

A: Why she’s being a hostage?

BC: Long time ago I encountered her to released her. Then I said…

But instead, she’s saying “I shall not afraid with the beast in you.” And so she’s being cursed and chained.

A: And how can you locked down here with her then?

BC: It’s forbidden for me to taste the witch’s flesh even when its merely an intention. But, I couldn’t resist and so I’ve been cursed too and chained.

A: But if you are being chained together, how come nothing happen in a place so confined that you couldn’t even move or dance. Are you a gay?

BC: She’s a witch!!! With all of my offerings she rejected them and says “I shall jump right at you to the chasm of darkness and may all the seven skies fall upon you.”  You see, I belong to hell and I create darkness, but I’m not fall into it, especially not with her!

A: But if you are being kept here for so long now, who was it that being banished by the ceiling cat and escaped from the chamber of hell?

BC: My shadow, before I’m being locked here,

My shadow and my minions were in charge of the basement and the floor with my concern, but sometimes they’re having their own initiatives and creates different parts of my life. My life has been overcrowded this past years.

A: I see, so you’ve been confined here, that’s why Snuggles could be subdued, because he has met you down here.

BC: Correct. But this story shall be our little secret, OK! Urghh….but I don’t trust you little cat, you look like the guy from the Captional Enquirer. Be prepare then….what is your last question?

A:  yup, are you related with dark matter…dark energy?…..aaarrrghhh….

After Basement cat is being released, the basement kingdom hasn’t been this powerful. With the comeback of the preserver of the basement kingdom, the command line now is directed to conquer the upper world, the floor and the ceiling. The battles between the basement and ceiling kingdom are formidable epic, with many casualties between the two sides. The progress favors basement cat as they could annihilate most of their enemy. It looks like basement cat is going to win the battle:

Meanwhile in the basement palace, there’s an ongoing story. In the last year new year’s eve, basement cat founds his queen. Her name is Queen Bankai. She’s an eve from the underground, one of the respectful family of the underground dynasty.

He gets an offspring from queen Bankai, but a problem rises when…

He’s not adopted, but his siblings from the mistresses aren’t his siblings. And so those siblings are being outcast or killed by his mother, the Queen, except the daughter of the first (this is because she’s BC’s bro’s daughter or she’s the queen’s daughter but not BC’s or the hostage?). All the woman in the basement kingdom are cursed to be kitten killer. All of that because they always lie about their life and their submissiveness to the source of darkness. The mistresses then reunited with the minions of their pairs which each of them in charge of the five seas and create the army of darkness.

Soon basement cat offspring and the army of darkness will surged to the surface and conquer the earth.

Human done the best they can to cast away those evil devil

But the battle between basement cat and human has emerged into the next step:

And basement cat prevailed. Human can only pray and selling insurance (in this economy?).

But, wait… where is the ceiling cat? Apparently, he is considering a master plan to outcast basement cat forever. Oh, he’s going after him for sure. And what is the plan? I cannot tell you that, it’s top secret. It’s beyond your comprehension and mine so let’s accept the common rule that the good is always win against evil OK? But anyway, I’ll give you some clue of his plan:

Ceiling cat ordered to capture basement cat minion to get detailed story of the inner circle in basement kingdom.

Ceiling cat intercepts all the communication line between the floor and the basement.

Ceiling cat allures Basement cat’s wife with all the money in his wallet

Ceiling cat kidnaps Basement cat’s kitten and tortured him (in very gentle way)

And when the time that is least expected,

So, the final battle begin….

The result? As you most expected….

Hmmmh….BTW there’s a shadowing story here. About the hostage and BC. This is all not supposed to happen if they’re not encountered each other before transformation right? Could they prevent the problem all at once?

The curious ceiling cat team then went to the hostage’s house. There she’s in her bed, looking ill. She’s been sick since her lock being opened that day. She lost almost one fifth of her body weight. She’s then tell the team that when she met BC, he is just a warrior with his compulsive and arrogant manner. An idiot by nature. She’s already under the spell of an evil spirit. Just what you expect from a green warrior, he compelled to rescue her. He accept the challenge offered by the evil spirit.

Knowing that both has been under the spell, BC and her couldn’t possibly escaped. They’re bond with their particular characteristics. While she keeps running away from the evil trajectory and remain in the dark, and BC has to carried the burden by exposed to the light, will there any escaped? If one of them accepts the other offering, wouldn’t she cares if he has to swallowed his pride being in the complete darkness? Or wouldn’t he cares if she has to be the Queen and cries in the end of every battle? Where would be their place if there’s an escape?


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